AIM Series

Short course event series for all ages and abilities

Since the AIM Series began in June 2022 we have had over 160 players taking part. It takes place at Durbanville Golf Club and is designed to encourage youngsters and those relatively new to golf to set foot on a golf course without being overwhelmed. It also offers a challenge to more experienced golfers to test their short game skills. This is an ideal opportunity for all ages and abilities to take part – mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters can make it a family occasion and we have seen some stunning improvement from several youngsters. Check out the event gallery and on our Instagram and Facebook accounts.
We would love you to come and join us.

The 2024 dates and times are on our calendar here.


How it works

Each player begins the AIM series at the 25m Distance Marker and tries to reach their AIM based on their handicap status over 9 holes. As each player progresses through the series and achieves their AIM, or better, the distance that they start from will increase by 25 metres at the next event but their AIM stays the same. If the player does not achieve their AIM they will have the opportunity at the next event to try again from the same distance.

AIM 36

There are up to six individual tees of different colours situated at 25m, 50m, 75m, 100m, 125m and 150m from the front of each green.

All new participants, irrespective of handicap, will play their first event from the 25m tees with the AIM of taking 36 strokes or fewer over nine holes. Once this has been achieved from 25m, you will progress in subsequent events to playing from the next tee up (50m) with the same objective – taking 36 strokes or fewer. This will continue until you have played from all six tees up to 150m in 36 strokes or fewer.

If at any event, you take more than 36 strokes, you will simply repeat that distance next time out until successful.

AIM 27

When AIM 36 over all six distances have been successfully completed, golfers may start again from 25m with a new AIM 27.

AIM 24

The final target for those golfers who have progressed from AIM 27.


Who can play

The minimum age is 5 and you need neither an official handicap nor a golf club membership. All ages and levels are welcome, including adults, Participants are requested to have had a basic training in how to swing a golf club. To ensure the safety for all those on the course we require adult supervision for players aged 10 years and under. This can of course include playing in the same group. The adult must be prepared to assist the child with scoring, club choice, and carrying/carting clubs as well if needed.


What it costs and how to pay

R85 for adults
R42 for Non-JAMmer juniors (18 yrs old and under)
R40 for all registered Pure Motion Junior Academy Members

Registration closes at 4 pm on the Tuesday prior to the event. Payment is due strictly in advance. No refunds or carryovers for cancellations. Players can be substituted.


Dress code

Appropriate neat golf attire should be worn, these include collared or crew neck shirts, sports or long pants and closed sport or golf shoes. No T-shirts, No Jeans, No Tracksuit Pants, No sandals.


Equipment needed

We recommend a putter plus up to three clubs depending on your golf experience. If you have progressed to longer distance markers, you may need one or two longer clubs in your bag. Pencil, a few golf balls, a few tees, a sandbag to repair divots and a ball marker to use on the green. If you do not have any of these, PMGA will have some available to hire at a small cost. Please enquire before the event at

Sign Up

How To Register

We use both the front and back nine holes to allow for a field of a maximum 40 players. There will be a maximum of four within each group. If you do not register as a fourball, you may request with whom you would prefer to play and we will do our absolute best to accommodate everybody. Otherwise, we try to pair up youngsters of similar ages and level.

Online registration is open and will close at 4 pm on the Tuesday prior to the event (or sooner if all available spaces are booked). We encourage you to register soon to avoid disappointment.

Please note that if we reach capacity, your entry may be added to our waitlist – we will communicate with you if that is the case.

Pure Motion Golf Academy

When and Where


TIME: 3:30pm

13 APRIL, 11 MAY,

PLACE: Durbanville Golf Club, Sport Way, Durbanville, 7550
Western Cape, South Africa

If you have any queries, please contact us at or call +27 76 247 0501


AIM Series Results

2024 AIM Series Results: A - L

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2024 AIM Series Results: M - Z

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AIM SERIES - Players Status

This is where you will find the Distance (metres) and AIM (Par Target) for starting 2024!Β 


Events for Juniors

Junior Academy Membership (JAM)

Calling All JuniorsAll new juniors are required to be assessed by one of our coaches. These complimentary assessments help us place your child in the most suitable programme. We do this together with you, to select the best programme, coach, day, and time to fit the child’s level and schedule.

Once assessed or returning to the academy, for just R298 per child for the year you get discounts on lessons, events like AIM, Order of Merit (OOM) and Holiday Programme, a PMGA cap and more.
It’s more than R3000 in value!

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We encourage you to post pics on the day on social media and tag @puremotiongolf so we can repost and share. The official event hashtags are #AIMSeries #PureMotionGolf

We are excited to be hosting this event and look forward to seeing you all there!

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