Order Of Merit

The Spirit of Competition

The Pure Motion Golf Academy Junior Order of Merit (OOM) competition was launched in 2012 at Durbanville Golf Club for juniors aged 6 – 18.

Played over 9 holes, the competition has proved to be extremely popular and valuable to the development of all juniors. It provides additional opportunities to play on the course and to accustom playing in a competitive environment.

In June 2022, we added the Kickstarter course option for juniors who find the standard course too long. The numbers taking part grew rapidly and the improvement shown by players has been significant with some players progressing to the full length course.


  • For all course ready junior golfers (boys and girls) nationwide!
  • Players do not have to be a member of any golf club nor have an official handicap
  • There are 2 course length options (Standard and Kickstarter)
  • Results are posted on the website weekly on this page and are also shared on our social media accounts, so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.
  • There are 29 rounds scheduled for 2024 (an average of 7 rounds per term). This provides ample opportunity to ensure those wanting to be in the running for prizes can book the 12 minimum required rounds. Read more about the prizes here and view the gallery below.

OOM is run by our experienced and dedicated coaching team who pride themselves in sharing juniors’ achievements and love of the game.


Age as at 1 Jan 2024: 6 – 18 years
Must be Course Ready

Tuesdays during public school terms. The confirmed dates are on the 2024 Registration Form and are posted on our online public Calendar.

3:00 – 3:30 pm [check in]
3:30 pm [tee times – depending on season and tee availability]

Durbanville Golf Club
Sport Way, Durbanville, Western Cape

R53 pp/round for Non Junior Academy Members
R22 pp/round for registered 2024 Junior Academy Members

Get 10% off the above rates for signing up for a whole term or the whole year – see more information about this on the Registration Form


“Course ready” means that the child:

  • understands the aim of the game of golf and knows the basic etiquette
  • is able to make contact with the ball when making a swing,
  • is able to take a maximum of 4 putts on a green
  • knows basic chipping skills
  • understands where to stand while other golfers are hitting their shot
  • knows not to run ahead of play
  • understands the warning FORE and knows what to do when the warning is heard and when to use it too
  • understands the etiquette when on the green (no running, swing clubs, and taking divots as well as marking his/her ball)
  • understands where to tee from within the boundaries of the tee markers

If in doubt, please ask one of our coaches to assess your child for ‘course readiness’. If the junior’s coach is not a PMGA coach, please have them complete the assessment form here.

Course Options

Standard & Kickstarter



Players comfortable playing a 9 hole standard length course.
Beginners and those wanting to improve their game.
Those seeking to explore Stableford format in a simulated competition environment.

9 holes on the standard length course. Players will alternate front and back 9 each week.


Boys age 13 and over = Blue Tees
Boys age 12 and under = Red Tees
Girls = Red Tees

The Handicap Index (HI) on the day of the round will determine the Course Handicap. Those with no official handicap will initially be allocated a Handicap Index of 36.0. Read more about tee allocation and HI here.

All players are required to keep a scorecard and mark their playing partner’s card.
Scorecards must be handed in at the Scoring Table before leaving the event.
Players record FW (Fairways hit), GIR (Greens in regulation) and Putts taken on the green.

Players 6 – 10 years old must be accompanied by a parent/adult.

Read all OOM Standard specific requirements and rules here.

PMGA iCon White


The course is adapted to an appropriate, shorter length encouraging beginner juniors to put into practice what they are learning in their lessons.

As they become more competent and confident, they will progress to getting an official Handicap Index and playing the OOM Standard course.

9 holes to be played off specified tees on a shortened course. Players will alternate front and back 9 each week

No official HI

All players are required to keep a scorecard and mark their playing partner’s card. Scorecards must be handed in at the Scoring Table before leaving the event.
All shots taken are counted to make up a Gross Score for each hole. There is a maximum of 7 shots to be recorded on each hole. Once a player has taken 6 shots, but not holed the ball, the player must pick up their ball, record the score as 7 and move to the next tee. They must not place a ring on the 7.

Players 6 – 10 years old must be accompanied by a parent/adult. Accompanying adults may need to help the players keep score.

Read all Kickstarter specific requirements and rules here.

juniors on the course

Sign Up

Register for OOM

Online registration for OOM events is open from Wednesdays to Saturdays

If you have any queries email: juniors@puremotiongolf.com

Scores are updated on the Wednesday following the round.

Stableford Division


Stableford Division Weekly Results

Sorted by total points. Scores are updated on the Wednesday following the round.

Stableford Division Results: T2 Week 2 April 16th

Stableford Division Results: T2 Week 1 April 9th

Stableford Division Results: Week 8 March 19th

Stableford Division Results: Week 7 March 12th

Stableford Division Results: Week 6 March 5th

Stableford Division Results: Week 5 Feb 27th

Stableford Division Results: Week 4 Feb 20th

Stableford Division Results: Week 3 Feb 13th

Stableford Division Results: Week 2 Feb 06th

Stableford Division Results: Week 1 Jan 30th


Kickstarter Weekly Results

Sorted by Gross Score. Scores are updated on the Wednesday following the round.

Click or Tap “+” to see previous Weekly Results. 

OOM Kickstarter: Weekly Results


Junior Academy Membership (JAM)

Calling All JuniorsAll new juniors are required to be assessed by one of our coaches. These complimentary assessments help us place your child in the most suitable programme. We do this together with you, to select the best programme, coach, day, and time to fit the child’s level and schedule.

Once assessed or returning to the academy, for just R298 per child for the year (or pro rata if after Jan) you get discounts on lessons, events like AIM, Order of Merit (OOM) and Holiday Programme, a PMGA cap and more.
It’s more than R3000 in value!


Success Stories

Jordan Rotham Past Junior Academy Member

My Journey with Pure Motion Golf 

by Jordan Rothman  –  Full Scholarship from Kansas University USA

From Junior lessons to Order of Merit to winning tournaments and ending up in the USA!


 I started playing golf when I was 11 years old. My dad saw potential in me so he took a video of my swing and showed it to Coach Lana. She saw I had talent and told my dad that I should start with lessons as soon as possible. That is really when my whole life changed because that is when I found my passion.

I improved a lot in a short amount of time which pushed me to work harder because I loved the idea of getting better every day, seeing myself hit a little bit further or a little bit straighter. I started playing in the Order of Merit Tuesday competitions which introduced me to competitive golf on a small scale. It was a great way to get into a competitive mindset without feeling overwhelmed.

Over the years I achieved many things in South Africa and won a couple of big golf tournaments too. When I was 15, I won the SA women’s match play and that’s when doors opened for me, I started getting messages and emails from universities in America asking me to play for and study with them. None of this would ever have been possible without Coach Lana helping me and guiding me to success.

When I started, I fell in love with the game and what helped me a lot was having friends at the golf course who had the same passion and goals as me. Practicing alone can sometimes be a little harder which is why it is always good to have people around you to practice with and to have people who are always pushing you to play your best. Pure Motion became my second home because I was there pretty much every day. I made friends that will always be a part of my life.

Today after a long journey of ups and downs I made it to America where I am representing the University of Kansas on the golf course and getting a degree in Sports Management. I am still getting coached by Coach Lana even on the other side of the world and I am still in contact with most of my friends that I played with when I started.

Be sure to follow us on social media to get the latest results and stay up-to-date on the achievements of our students.


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