Junior Golf Development

Creating a long lasting love for the game

The Pure Motion Golf Academy manages one of the top junior programmes in the Western Cape with over 100 children training weekly under the watchful eye of our specialist coaches.

Many of our young golfers have been selected by Durbanville Golf Club in various League teams, several of whom have gone on to represent Western Province and South Africa at the junior level.

A number of former Juniors who developed under our programme have accepted golf scholarships to American Colleges.

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How the Programme Works

Four young girl golfers posing on the fairway

Our Junior Programme caters for Juniors aged 4 to 18 and has been developed over many years. The training we provide is specific to the age of each child and their level of golf.

Our Grassroots programme is for 4 – 6 year olds, and takes the form of group lessons. For Youths aged 7+, we offer group and/or individual lessons. You can read more about these two programmes below.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in the Junior Programme but are unsure which of our guided programmes is right for your child, contact us so that we can arrange a free 15 minute assessment.


Why Enrol Your Child?

By enrolling your child in the Junior Programme you’ll not only receive significantly discounted lesson rates, preferred rates for equipment and gear, gain access to our partners (biokineticists and physios) at preferred rates, and receive monthly newsletters, but you’ll also be starting your child on a guided path to developing their skills, both on and off the course.

The juniors receive a Pure Motion Golf Academy peak cap, a free bucket of 60 balls in their birthday month (this is being implemented soon), and most importantly, we ensure they have fun while learning. There will be more perks coming as we constantly develop and expand the programme.

To enrol your child in the Junior Programme is quick and easy, just click here.


Our Programmes


Ages 4 – 6

Group Lessons

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This phase is mainly focused on children new to the game.

Ages: 4 to 6 years old.

Small groups are essential to part of their development at this age.

SNAG® will set the basics with fun and interactive games and can be done indoors.

Regular assessments will give the parents and children awareness of their development.

Ultimately, we will transition them from SNAG® to normal golf equipment.

What is SNAG®?

It is “First Touch” equipment that is fun, brightly coloured and easy to use. It can be used by children as young as 4, and similarly, advancing years have no barriers. It is a fabulous golf teaching and learning tool and definitely not a toy.

Colourful learning golf equipment SNAG®

You can find out more here.

Youth Academy

Ages 7+

Individual & Group Lessons

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Individualised lessons are ideal for juniors slightly older, more advanced and wanting to take their game to a more advanced level.

Lessons are 30 minutes per session and scheduled weekly with the coach.

Video Swing Analysis with CoachNow is used to help the player see, feel and implement with better understanding.

Our coaches plan the progression and programme of the young players, to give them a map toward their goals. Lessons are pre-planned with purpose.

These lessons are ideal for juniors between 7 and 13 years old, beginners and those playing for pure fun and enjoyment.
Our groups are no bigger than 6 juniors per group, are 55 minutes long and run weekly during public school terms.

Our Focus Groups are groups set up by each coach for a specific set of juniors. For example, an advanced girls group, where the coach can take the girls to the next level and play on the course with them. The juniors in these groups are like-minded and want to achieve similar goals.

Here we focus more on fine-tuning the player’s technique in all the aspects of the game. We teach the children about the importance of focused practice drills, the mental game, on course management, warm-up routines, competition preparation, fitness, nutrition and advanced rules of golf.

In this phase, we encourage individual sessions.

We incorporate fitness training and on course management.

We work with The Durbanville Wellness Centre in Durbanville. Their Biokineticists and Physios are experts when it comes to golf-specific programmes. Karen Frye’s team work with many professional golfers on tour and have years of experience.



4 x 30 Minute lessons   R420

A yearly registration fee of R220 is payable on joining the Junior Academy. Reduced individual rates only apply if 3 or more lessons are taken per month with assistant coaches, otherwise, the standard rate applies. You will be billed upfront each month for group lessons.

YOUTH 7+ years

4 x 60 Minute lessons   R630


4 x 30 minute lessons per month   R820
Academy Member

30 minute lesson once-off   R240
Academy Member

30 minute lesson once-off   R265
Non-Academy Member

55 minute lesson   R520
Non-Academy Member

A yearly registration fee of R220 is payable on joining the Junior Academy. Reduced individual rates only apply if 3 or more lessons are taken per month with assistant coaches, otherwise, the standard rate applies.

Instilling Confidence

Order Of Merit Competition

Lana with a junior

The Pure Motion Golf Academy Junior Order Of Merit (OOM) competition was launched in 2012 at Durbanville Golf Club for those aged 18 or younger.

It has proved to be very popular and extremely valuable to the development of our juniors by providing additional opportunities to play on the course and to accustom juniors to playing in a competitive environment.  

Juniors of all golf clubs nationwide who are course ready may participate which includes non members of Durbanville Golf Club.

Players scores count towards the final Order Of Merit at the end of the year. Prizes for leading juniors in their Divisions, as well as the most improved, are awarded at an end of year prize-giving.

OOM Summary

Below is the 2022 info – the 2023 Divisions, Info and Costs will be posted later in December.

Day: Tuesdays

Frequency: Weekly during school terms only

Time: Summer: Check in from 3 – 3:20 pm. Tee times from 3:30 pm (depending on tee availability due to field turning)

Winter: Check in from 3:15 – 3:30 pm. Tee times from 3:45 to 4:15 pm (depending on tee availability due to field turning)

Course Play: 9 holes

Division 1 (Handicap Index  up to 14.0)
Division 2 (Handicap Index 14.1 and above)
Your Course Handicap for the day will be dependent on your Handicap Index for that day and the tee from which you play.
Those with no official handicap will initially be allocated a Handicap Index of 36.0.

Rules: Advised on the day of play  It is a strict requirement at DGC that all golfers carry a sandbag to fill their divots

Entry Fee: R70 entry fee per event for non Durbanville Golf Club (DGC) members and R20 per event for members

Dress:  Strictly Golf Attire

Registration closes at 6 pm on the Sunday prior to the Tuesday event. Payment is due strictly in advance.

Results: Updates will be posted on our website results page and on the DGC Juniors notice board


OOM Kickstarter

Starting in July 2022, we are launching OOM Kickstarter for juniors who are course ready but will find the regular 9 hole course too long. It will run on the same days and times as OOM.

There is a lower age limit of 6 and the participant must have had at least 6 months of coaching to have learned the basics.

If in doubt, please ask the coach to assess your child for ‘course readiness’.

You can read more about what “course readiness” means here.

The course for Kickstarter players will be adapted to an appropriate, shorter length encouraging beginner juniors to put into practice what they are learning in their lessons.

It is an ideal way to motivate them to practise and be more proactive in their lessons.

As they become competent and confident on the course, they can progress to getting an official handicap.

We look forward to welcoming our Kickstarters.

Read all OOM Kickstarter specific requirements and rules here.

Be sure to follow us on social media to get the latest results and stay up-to-date on the achievements of our students.


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